First Name :   Bruce
e-mail :
date :   05/23/08
comment :   Heard your band while on a business trip. Excellent bluesy gritty sound. Your guitar player was hot. Bruce
First Name :   Teri Greene
e-mail :
date :   Halloween
comment :   Hi. Nice to remeet you at the Unc Benefit. Hope all is swell. tg
First Name :   OMAR ARSHAD
date :   10/22/2007
comment :   have not seen you at shakespeares in a really long time. miss you lots. please take care of yourself
First Name :   Mitch
e-mail :
date :   10/17/07
comment :   Great show at Tony Redman and your Italian Harp player...first time I heard you with keyboards...Loved it and the new CD as well...keep jammin!
First Name :   Skip
e-mail :
date :   10/9
comment :   you rocked at Friends tonight!
First Name :   Jake
e-mail :
date :   Sept 07, 2007q
comment :   Saw you at Friends with my Mom. We loved it. Great voice and a great band.
First Name :   Mitch White
e-mail :
date :   1-31-07
comment :   Saw you last night at Friends for the second time! loved your show....wish you were playing tonight as I have to leave town for work on friday....hope to see you when I return....Mitch, former club owner and hopfully fututre one!
First Name :   drew
e-mail :
date :   11/13/06
comment :   met Erins Mom @ Trader Joes in Brookline, MA. She was pushin the CD, so I listened, and love it!!!
First Name :   sara
e-mail :
date :   091006
comment :   Hi- We loved you in the Azores and hope you visit Cambridge and Somerville, soon. Dont forget there is the Blues Jam at Johnny Ds on Sundays. We are looking forward to your new CD and hope you tour soon! Nice talking to you on the plane back and we hope
First Name :   Mabbe
e-mail :
date :   30 may 2006
comment :   Hello! This is Uncle johns Hippiefriend from Stockholm, the guy whith the mushrooms. I wanna thank you for the boatblues, you and and my friend John made the night. I think that mr Gerfast was wery rude to you when he started tuning in you song. Keep up t
First Name :   Benjamin
e-mail :
date :   26.5.2006
comment :   Hi! I was the jung guy by the Gig with Jan Gerfast in Uslar i have talk to you after your show. your play was GREAT! and your voice also :P iŽll mail you in some minutes. :) i hope to see ya again Greetings Benjamin
First Name :   kris & debbie lynn
e-mail :
date :   4/08/06
comment :   dear erin; your outstanding show @ pattons on main is the talk about have many new fans here in marble falls,you love to see back making us some fine blues moves real soon. you made 1st bluebonnett blues so special to debbie and i.thanks. we enjo
First Name :   Carl
e-mail :
date :   3/26/06
comment :   I saw you in the TV ad, didnt know who that cute woman I know......Im hooked, Im a fan. Take care, Carl
First Name :   Neal
e-mail :
date :   3-21-06
comment :   I just stumbled out of Friends on 6th after having an amazing evening of sound and sight. Thank you for honoring the Blues traditions to the core. I had a great time! Cheers, N P.S. Erin and Matt look too young to have so much soul. Keep it going
First Name :   Guy
e-mail :
date :   3/17/06
comment :   I saw you and your band Tuesday night at Friends. What a great band; good songs, vocals, great guitar and other musicos. It was my first trip to Austin and first intro to the Austin music scene. Your band along with the Altarboys and Jeff Banks Band made
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