First Name :   Mary Lisa
e-mail :
date :   3/16/06
comment :   Erin, Thanks so much for the CD. Your singing was wonderful. The songs were awesome. My husband and I had a blast. Rosie and Melinda sure are great friends to show us around. But, thanks again so much. Keep singing girl. We will come to another show jus
First Name :   laura
e-mail :
date :   10/02/05
comment :   I saw Erin on the commercial and immediately fell in love with her voice. My new favorite song is warm & tender love. Erin is terrific.
First Name :   Doug
e-mail :
date :   9/25/2005
comment :   Saw the band at Friends during Pecan St. Festival (man, the weather was hot, yall...) Really enjoyed the band and glad to see the gig schedule is in Austin as much as it is. Hope to see you again soon!
First Name :   Anton
e-mail :   
date :   09-03-05
comment :   Hey Erin, u were rockin in the NET10 commercial! keep up the great work!
First Name :   Andrea
e-mail :
date :   8/28/05
comment :   I just heard your TV commercial and told my husband I love your voice. Just wanted to say Hi
First Name :   Andy
e-mail :
date :   August 28, 2005
comment :   I am very impressed. Erins voice is incredible!
First Name :   Rick
e-mail :
date :   08/26/05
comment :   Great net 10 commercial. I hope you become a huge star.
First Name :   Allison
e-mail :
date :   8/26/2005
comment :   I LOVE the song - My Perfect Ten. Where can I get a copy of the song? Do you have a CD Out?? Keep on rockin
First Name :   Vero
e-mail :
date :   aug24
comment :   I love your voice.perfect 10
First Name :   Tammy
e-mail :
date :   08-13-05
comment :   My perfect 10 went all under my skin the minute I heard it on TV and I knew I had to have that CD! Sadly... I found out that the song is not available on CD yet. Im hoping that that will change soon. :)
First Name :   John Rose
e-mail :
date :   right now!
comment :   Anyway, thanks for everything Erin and playing such sexy blues that all the broads in the place where dancing with the pole at Friends! That was great. I think my girlfriend got mad when that one girl danced with me during the last tina song! Wow. Anyway,
First Name :   beth
e-mail :
date :   6-26-05
comment :   hey girl, sounded great as usual at Gueros today! Luv you and keep on thumpin!
First Name :   Geno
e-mail :
date :   27 May 2005
comment :   Erin, Thanks for the wonderful music Wednesday Night. I love the CD. Your voice reminds me of a cross btwn Bobbie Gentry and lighter Etta James. Hope to see you again soon and it was great to meet you. Thanks for being so personable!
First Name :   matteo acquarone
e-mail :
date :   may 17th 2005
comment :   I was with Flavio & the other friends at your concert in varazze -Italy, and I become your fan! pls let me know of your next tour in Italy. ciao, matteo
First Name :   Jamie
e-mail :
date :   2/19/05
comment :   I saw you play the end of your show at Shakespears last night. I wish I would have been there earlier. You sounded great! I cant wait to see you play again. I am not sure if I can wait. I may have to go to Austin to hear you play. Anyway I just wanted to
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