First Name :   Leslie
e-mail :
date :   January 28, 2005
comment :   You made our night. Cannot stop playing your cd. Cant wait to hear you again next time in Austin. Simply amazing!
First Name :   Angelo Sanchez Jr MD
e-mail :
date :   jan 22 2005
comment :   Saw you last night at the Hole. you were great. Sexy voice, love your tunes. How can I get a hold of your CD (s)? A.
First Name :   this girl Hayley
e-mail :
date :   10-25-04
comment :   ERIN IS AMAZING! your vocals blew me away, and talented doesnt even begin to describe the band as a whole. I love you!!
First Name :   Laura
e-mail :
date :   10/12/04
comment :   Hi Erin! Michael and I enjoyed you guys so much Sunday evening at the Pier in Austin. We listened to the cd all the way back to Houston and love every song on it! John and the others are just awesome and we are looking forward to seeing you guys here in H
First Name :   Wayne Kristoff
e-mail :
date :   8/19/2004
comment :   Love your music. Love to see you play in Phoenix.
First Name :   Steve
e-mail :
date :   7/2604
comment :   Erin- I stopped in to the Friends bar tonight while travelling from Philadelphia and was blown away by you and your band. I would love to order a CD but want to make sure it includes the members I heard tonight including the great harp player. Where can I
First Name :   Kathy
e-mail :
date :   may something
comment :   We just got back from belize and we became groupies of Erin Jaimes and her Bad Habits down there! You all rock! Too bad we dont live in Austin...because the weather up here sucks! The Cds we bought are great too...Erins and John McVeys! Thanks for making
First Name :   Michelle
e-mail :
date :   03/29/04
comment :   LOVED you @ the HOLE... The Harmonica Player.. To DIE FOR.. Dont EVER STOP... WE LOVE YOU ~ UNFORGETABLE EVENING , CHEERS, Michelle
First Name :   cathryne
e-mail :
date :   march 27, 2004
comment :   So glad to see a woman become so strong and it makes me smile. Keep on keepin on
First Name :   Victor
e-mail :
date :   March 15, 2003
comment :   Hey, Erin. Caught your gig with John in Eureka Springs. Staying over one more night to hear the gig at Chelseas was more than worth it. The CD I bought has not left my player. Can still see that shinning smile. Hope to catch the act again sometime. Will
First Name :   terry j.
Comment :   You put on a great show tonight! You always put a smile on my face! love ya your awsome!
First Name :   Big John
Comment :   I just come up to Shakespears whenever yall are playing there. I saw you at the ve had a crush on you since I first saw yall on New Years Eve 2 years ago. I know this sounds stupid but, what sign are you anyway? That should be in your Bio. Are you going t
First Name :   William
Comment :   I saw you saturday night at Joes. You and John were great. I bought two cds and plan to turn my friends on to you. Keep up the great music. Hope to see you again soon.
First Name :   DaveValdez
Comment :   Saw you guys at Friends on 6th St. Wednesday, July 23. I was blown away!! Erin sold me a CD and took the time to tell me what the songs meant to her. WOW! Keep livin the blues and smilin!
First Name :   Kenn
Comment :   Not only or you beautiful to listen to (sing and play) but you are beautiful to look at too
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