Name: :   Larry Kordosky
Date: :   12 march 2008
From: :   
Comments: :   Just checking you out jerry!
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Name: :   Dave Roberts
Date: :   5/20/07
From: :   Safford
Comments: :   Very professional looking rig! I like the Bose set-up a lot. I was curious why you use Gemini products with your professional gear? Not sure I understand the reasoning but Im sure it sounds incredible just the same. Great looking set-up!!
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Name: :   gregg crocker
Date: :   3-6-06
From: :   vacaville,ca
Comments: :   i dont know if you remember me from safford high, i worked at thirftys, i havnt been to safford i guess since 1979-80, well take care
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Name: :   Mr. & Mrs Carlos Subia
Date: :   12-05-2005
From: :   
Comments: :   You made our wedding that night and loved how you played the music we picked.
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Name: :   Dathan Evans
Date: :   July 30th 2005
From: :   Dathan Evans
Comments: :   Hey dude, i didnt know you had a web site! Pretty nice !!
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Name: :   Peter Trujillo
Date: :   7-6-05
From: :   Safford
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Name: :   Bradley Thomas
Date: :   6\10\05
From: :   6\10\05
Comments: :   Sup Bro- Its (Milton) Bradley Just grabin your internet address. Ill Mail ya and ask about the job again.
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Name: :   Laurie Player
Date: :   4/4/05
From: :   Casa Grande
Comments: :   Hi Jerry, Its wonderful to see where your love of music has led you. Great job for David and Kaes anniversary party!
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Name: :   Wedding Reception for Shaun and Dorine Wolfel
Date: :   June 24, 2004
From: :   Tucson, Arizona
Comments: :   Hey Jerry, Shaun and I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job that you did at our wedding reception, May 29, 2004. You truly did an exceptional job and surpassed our expectations. We really loved how you asked us what we wanted for music and deliv
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Name: :   Sharon Elliott
Date: :   06/19/2004
From: :   Bagdad
Comments: :   Hey New greatniece is beautiful.
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