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Comment :   Hi, I stumbled across your site while searching for my next GSD. I wanted to complement Theresa on your very excellent, informed and brave article about man work. Many beautiful dogs ruined (and put down) by misguided attempts at teaching them to attack p

First Name :   Silvia
Comment :   Hello from Germany, i was here again, this is a cool Site and great Dogs, best regards,Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.

First Name :   nelson
Comment :   This is site to behold, you dogs are fantastic, i love TANGO may his soul rest in peace.NELSON FROM NIGERIA.

First Name :   V Murthy
Comment :   Hi Folks I am trying to find a used wheelchair for my old GSD lady, Rani. She is having a very tough time walking now. I cannot afford a brand new one. But would consider a used one or a donated one. Thank you

First Name :   Philippe
Comment :   Bravo pour votre site Le Berger Allemand est un animal formidable. bonne chance Philippe

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