NĈM :   misha
§▲!Φ :   this site rocks...!
NĈM :   RedHead
§▲!Φ :   Hi.
NĈM :   Madames Buttisfly
§▲↨Φ :   Hiya, Sweetie! the website is looking soo kewl! see you soon!
NĈM :   dNA
§▲↨Φ :   hey, dude! lets hang out soon - the webpage is lookin good!
NĈM :   pezz
§▲↨Φ :   Hey, man... just checkin in on ya... heard the website is going well... looks pretty good! Keep up the great work, and post some new mp3s as soon as you can... also, now that you have more space, you can add some old TVpeople stuff and TABs & Pictures & s
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