First Name :   Gretchen Fairchild
Comment :   Hi, I thought you might want to take a look at this picture (downloadable). Check it out here: George Bush asks Saddam Hussein, Can You Hear Me NOW?
First Name :   Joe
Comment :   Thanks for posting Bob Egans story about the Hurley brothers. Tom McNichol would have been my uncle had he survived. I was thrilled to see a story about him.
First Name :   Don
Comment :   
First Name :   DWIGHT G OLSON
Comment :   B17 pilot 301st bomb group. 353 bomb squadron. 15th air force. Foggia Italy 1944 - 1945. resides in minneapolis minnesota
First Name :   Mikko
Comment :   Firms located in neutral Sweden supported the Nazis financial and industrial leadership. The case of Enskilda, a bank owned by the still powerful Wallenberg family, proved to be particularly interesting. Among other things, Enskilda acted as a cloak for t
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