First Name :   Snick Steve
Comment :   28th January 1945 In the small village Brielen, near Ypres - Belgium, there is a planecrash. An allied aircraft crashes in a field near the village. All of the crewmembers could bail out and there were no casualities. The only thing remaining of t
First Name :   Dan Pinkerton
Comment :   Searching for past members of the 418th AGS attached to Kadena AB. Known as the SkullBandits, we have created a YahooGroup for meeting old buds, we have a few members now like Chief Mac,Jim McKinley,Jim Hipsher,Sal,Randy Dimes,Dieter,Kenny Graham,Bryan Ba
First Name :   b17sam
Comment :   Great website. Congratulations. Check out for free beer tomorrow.
First Name :   George
URL :   
Comment :   Member 351st B.G. Polebrook England 35 missions B-17
First Name :   Alan
Comment :   Sweden's crucial role supplying Nazi Germany iron ore and military facilities. Especially notorious for their support to the Nazis were Wallenberg family, SEB bank and SKF factory. The Swedish government was responsible for the most iron ore that Nazis re
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