NAME :   Jerry Juan
Comments :   Mr. Rose, I do remember you wrestling at the old St. Bernard Civic Center in Chalmette, Louisiana. You were a thrill to watch and a great showman.Those were the good old days.Grizzley Smith,Jack Curtis,Bruiser Bob Sweetan,Dick Murdoch, Killer Karl CoxKe
NAME :   Darrell Rogers
URL :   
Comments :   Great site Pat. Look forward to talking to you at work each day.
NAME :   David Haskins aka Davey Rich
URL :   
Comments :   E-mail me Pat
NAME :   Terry Rice Power Slam Pro Wrestling Nashville, TN
Comments :   Man, it was GREAT to read an article about you on the internet. It brought back a flood of memories of when we worked for Gulas and the few shows I promoted that you were on. I will never forget the time, in Hartsville, Tennessee you was working some
NAME :   Dave Stafford
Comments :   Pat, Thanks for the e-mail. You were the most underrated talent on TBS in the 80s. Great to hear from you. Oh yeah, Wheres Randy Barber?
NAME :   Allen Rico Tinker
URL :   None.
Comments :   Great site Pat. Still remember you riding the barrell, the bucking bronco, that was strung up between two poles at Tim and Randys house. Even in high school, you always said you were going to be a pro wrestler and you achieved it. Outstanding! Had you not
NAME :   Dan Masters
Comments :   Pat! what a talent ... ive watched many of your matches ... take care man and have a great 07!!! - dan
NAME :   Boris Zhukov
Comments :   Hey Pat, Let me know if you ever travel up here to Va.I live just south of Roanoke Va. near Smith Montain Lake.It is a very nice place with beautiful mountains for a backdrop.Good fishing here from what I hear! Great site, hope to get to see you again s
NAME :   Jean - Dr. Raders Office
URL :   
Comments :   Nice getting to know you. I am not into bass fishing or wrestling, but glad to know that you are my brother in Christ. We serve an awesome God!
NAME :   Debra Hengst
Comments :   Pat it was a pleasure meeting you at the BASS Classic in Birmingham in 2004. Come by the Strike King, Skeeter and Yamaha booths at the BASS Birmingham Classic in 2007 and introduce your daughter!
NAME :   Mrs. Pat Rose
Comments :   Hello love of my life! Cam & I love you very much! You are #1 wrestler ever. ;)
NAME :   The girls from East TN Endodontics Maritza, Ruth, Pam
URL :   
Comments :   I was really meeting you. If You ever need anything please let us help.
NAME :   Comedy Writer Jim Shaughnessy
URL :   
Comments :   It was great talking with you. Look forward to chatting again about wrestling and the belts.
NAME :   Scott Rauber
Comments :   Cant wait til we meet face to face! Bass wishes this year Pat!!
NAME :   Lisa Craig
Comments :   Great to hear from you! The fishing world is just wonderful! Thanks to people like you!
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