Who Are You? :   Stephen R. Gould
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Comment :   (No relation to SJGould) Great site - thanks !
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Comment :   dude. you dont have a single credential or degree to make any of your comments valid or worth while. any educated person should dismiss this site as childish garbage.
Who Are You? :   Tomas Karlsson
Your Webpage? :   http://www.amzshop.com
Comment :   Youre website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on youre. Keep on the good work :-)
Who Are You? :   Gunnery Sergeant Steven L Saxton, Nephew of Ken and Virginia Ward
Your Webpage? :   Classified...
Comment :   I am a meteorologist and oceanographer in the United States Marine Corps currently serving in Iraq, Ken and Virginia have always been close relatives and it was interesting to stumble across their picture in your BIO. I have to commend you on your lives a
Who Are You? :   David Fiala
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Comment :   Love your pages... we were interested in the travels on highway 89 . we are going there this summer! Great job!
Who Are You? :   Vere
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Comment :   Thank you very much for the stuff on Creationism. For a european scientist like me, its a pleasure to see that not everyone in your country believes that shit (sorry for the language). Just because I think it might help: why does no one over there ever th
Who Are You? :   Frank Rizzo
Your Webpage? :   http://www.419zeros.com
Comment :   Sweet site! Keep up the awesome job!!
Who Are You? :   Matt Morelock
Your Webpage? :   uhhh...none
Comment :   NICE SITE!! Doing research on anti-evolutionism (I refuse creation science), and came acroos your list of dating method sources....THANK YOU!!! ---PPPPEEEEAAAACCCCEEEEEE----
Who Are You? :   President 3 AD Veterans
Your Webpage? :   www.3ad.org
Comment :   Hello You can get a full picture of the 3 AD during DS from our website. Here is the direct link to the DS section of our website. http://www.3ad.org/desertstorm/
Who Are You? :   thomas wheeler
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Comment :   A follower of the creation/evolution squabble, I take delight in your piece attacking the ICR R.A.T.E. project. I just saw it and will now have to study it more closely.
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