Who Are You? :   Ray Thompson
Your Webpage? :   
Comment :   Cor you got the same surname as me.
Who Are You? :   timothy john thompson
Your Webpage? :   pages.sbcglobal.net/thompsontim
Comment :   I just thought it was interesting to see another Timothy John Thompson in the world.
Who Are You? :   Vince Walding
Your Webpage? :   None
Comment :   Tim, On your website, you mention that your main professional interests have been in astronomy, astrophysics, and atmospheric physics. I also have an interest in astronomy. I have my engineering degree and I have been out of college for about 20 years.
Who Are You? :   George Durbin
Your Webpage? :   Dont have one, emiail gdurbin1@yahoo.com
Comment :   Just checking in Tim. I enjoy seeing what you are up to. (Remember, George Durbin - MPAS - former Treasurer, lofty title that it was...) I had a co-worker bring me in a bunch of quotes from some Christian apologetic yesterday trying to convert me. Decided
Who Are You? :   Wayne Portwine
Your Webpage? :   
Comment :   I rarely see such well written work on the web. Thanks for all the references and for all your work, its been tremendously helpful and much appreciated.
Who Are You? :   Ange
Your Webpage? :   I dont have one
Comment :   Dear Tim: I really enjoyed reading what you wrote about Venice; your pictures of Venice were very lovely too, and it was a pleasure to look at them. If you ever go back to Venice, or anywhere else interesting, be sure to take more pictures; you have a goo
Who Are You? :   B.J.Peet@massey.ac.nz
Your Webpage? :   http://www.massey.ac.nz/
Comment :   Sir, I am impressed (and humbled) by your work as depicted in this website and in your resume. So it is somewhat with trepidation that I hold my breath and make the following remark: I am still confused after reading the article On Creation Science an
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